Careers Built by Spirit Driven Success

29 Apr Careers Built by Spirit Driven Success

You know the situation… you’re presented with an offer. Maybe it’s a new role within your company or a new client you wouldn’t have seen coming knocks on your door. You should be excited about the new opportunity, but something inside you – a still, small voice –  tells you to turn it down. You do.

To the outsider, you just made the biggest mistake of your life and your career as you know it is over. You will never get any other clients and you might as well just close up shop and apply for a job in a fast food restaurant.

What they don’t understand is that you aren’t swayed in your decisions by what the situation appears to be, but you are led by the One who can see beyond appearances and fills you in on what He knows to be true.

Maybe you aren’t this confident in that still, small voice and really want to be led by the Holy Spirit in your decisions in the workplace but aren’t quite sure how to get there. The key to Spirit Driven Success is making the paradigm shift  from trusting your own intuition to listening to God’s career advice. Remember that God knows what is coming down the road for you.

When he tells you to turn down a job, promotion, or a new client, it is only because He has something better planned. Many times, I’ve accepted an opportunity out of fear that nothing else would come my way (or soon enough to pay the bills anyway) and then later realized I reallhy should have turned it down. When something better came my way, I was too busy to take advantage of it. When I look back, there was always a still small voice telling me to say “no”, but I listened to the fear instead.

When we step out of the oppression of fear and let God lead us, we see how his all-seeing, all-knowing power is the best thing that can happen to our careers and our businesses.

So the question becomes, can we get out of our way long enough to be successful in a way only God can orchestrate?

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