3 Ways to Find Your Strengths Part 1

17 Mar 3 Ways to Find Your Strengths Part 1


You know you have a strong work ethic. You know you’re competent in the skills it requires to manage and run your business and lead your team. But, studies have shown that a person is more effective at what they do and more fulfilled in their job when they work in their strengths.

Here are 3 ways to discover your strengths:

Number 1:  Pay attention to what excites and energizes you.

Like we said above, you’re good at what you do, but I can guarantee you aren’t excited or energized by a good portion of it. Have you ever taken the time to stop and think about the parts of your job or business that get you going? Those moments are clues to how you’ve been wired. Make it a point over the next few weeks to pay closer attention to the things you are more eager to do and what specifically about them you enjoy.

Number 2: Analyze the results.

Now take a look at that list of moments and try to find common factors. Really drill it down. Do these moments have you consistently interacting with people? If so, you may have more ability to relate to people than you give yourself credit for. Do these things have you knee-deep in research and strategy development for you business? If so, you may be analytically bent. There is no right or wrong answer here, just information.

Number 3:  Further develop your new-found self-realization.

Use good resources to really understand your strengths and how to best utilize them. One of the books I recommend is Strengthfinders. Here is the website so you can check it out yourself:  http://bit.ly/1Z5t5r1. Books like Strengthfinders will help you work through a more detailed strengths list and uncover strengths you didn’t know you had.

Part  2 of this post will be how to apply these strengths to your work life to become better at your job and find more fulfillment in it. 

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