What Voices Do You Need to Shut Out Today?

23 Feb What Voices Do You Need to Shut Out Today?

Jo Saxton

“There are so many competing voices and experiences seeking to label us; we must remind ourselves what God has in mind for us as women.”  – Jo Saxton

When I read this tweet from Jo Saxton, I found myself involuntarily nodding in agreement.  It eloquently  summarizes the struggle we, as women, experience every day. If we’re moms, we’re broken up into either the “working” or “non-working”  labels and assumed to have certain views on parenting because of it.

If we’re high-level executives and have spent our careers working toward success in the corporate world, we’re labeled as headstrong, aggressive, and well… some other not-so-nice words (if you know what I mean.) On the other hand, if we’ve stayed in a lower level position, even by choice, we’re assumed to be less competent, less intelligent, or less educated than women who hold higher-level positions. Talk about not being able to win!

God’s thoughts are not our thoughts and His ways are not our ways. (Isaiah 55:8)

God’s thoughts may not be our thoughts, but they aren’t anyone else’s thoughts either! Culture may label us as “tough and headstrong” or “just a stay-at-home mom”, implying many unflattering things along with those labels, but God thinks of us as more.

He knows we are more than just the tough executive. More than the wife, mother, sister, friend, daughter, or volunteer worker we’ve been labeled as. God thinks of us as masterpieces.  Works of art.  Every single part of us. Yes, even the not-so-attractive parts. He created every aspect of our personalities because he had a specific reason for all of them.

If we are to uncover those reasons and experience His amazing plans for our lives, we need to silence the voices competing for our attention and focus our eyes and ears on the One who created us. I’m ready to do it. What about you?

What voices do you need to shut out today?

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